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DTECH brand longtime resident of Thailand founder Mr. Xie, holding serve the motherland, the construction of the feelings of his hometown in 2000 in Guangzhou, China's economy developed coastal cities, traffic founded Dtech brand.

Thai words "Emperor" is "good", "Emperor" is used to describe the meaning of the sui generis style in modern society; "special" is a homonym of science and technology, the word combination into the meaning of "good technology".

Creative Technology, happy life is DTECH brand concept, all my colleagues with the development of the company based on solidarity, hard work complements the spirit of enterprise, the pursuit of intensive innovation in product development, the pursuit of excellence in product quality and after-sales service sought to Dtech DTECH fight the common wire, office peripherals industry class brand, buy wire, to preferred DTECH.

DTECH Dtech main products: USB HUB,USB conversion cable, USB data cable, USB signal amplifier, HDMI high-definition cable, VGA video cable, video converter, adapter, HDMI divider, USB audio converter , audio cable, network cable, the PC cards Dtech brand concept: creative Technology, the happy life Dtech core value: the value of loyalty dedication service innovation